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Mytime Pilates makes finals of 2019 Kent Women in Business Awards!

This week our very own Bea has been shortlisted for the esteemed Kent Women in Business Awards, which come together each year to celebrate women’s entrepreneurial spirit and business achievements. But amidst the hype of nominations and anticipation as to who will win, many of you have been wondering how it all started, and how […]


Workout in style!!

Work out in style and make a statement with your sportswear   What we wear can say a lot about about our personality, and I for one love expressing myself through my wardrobe. And that’s no different when I’m in the studio. These days there is so much choice when it comes to activewear, so […]


Pilates and running: the perfect complement

Pilates and running go together like gin and tonic, or Superman and Lois Lane. Why? Because they bring out the best in each other, they compliment one another perfectly. How? Let me explain… Pilates improves core stability to keep your running technique stronger for longer: Pilates increases core strength and stability, and when all the muscles […]