I came to your classes to strengthen my back and your classes have delivered just that, I haven’t had a back ache or twinge for the last couple of years, so I am a very satisfied client. But much more than that, I really do enjoy the classes….the other people are a fantastic group, making it a very enjoyable time. It has become a weekly slot that I look forward to.


I can’t fault the studio at all, I wish I could do more classes. Mytime has completely changed my shape!


We knew Beatrix when the idea of running her own Pilates classes in her very own studio was a far off dream but one she was determined to achieve. When Beatrix started training as a Pilates teacher, we were both her (slightly unwilling) “muses”. Not only were we both complete Pilates novices but neither of us had done any serious exercise for many years and posed a serious challenge for Bea, not just on the fitness stakes but also on the enthusiasm front.

It didn’t take long however, for Beatrix’s one to one sessions to become a bit addictive and slowly our obsession grew and we ended up being some of the first members of Beatrix’s Tuesday evening classes at the Penshurst village hall. We’ve been attending now for well over a year and couldn’t do without it! Beatrix ensures that the classes are varied, fun but more importantly, tailored to your requirements. At the start of the class, she always asks for a rundown of everyone’s aches and pains and adjusts the session accordingly. Her knowledge of how Pilates impacts on every part of your body is excellent and this really sets her apart – she doesn’t just teach a series of exercises, she explains the impact that they have on the body and puts together a co-ordinated programme to help her students focus on areas that they want to focus on. My husband has a pre-existing back condition and rather than this putting her off, Beatrix works with it perfectly. As a result, he feels more mobile and stronger. I go straight to Beatrix’s class from work and am often feeling stressed, overworked and tired. The combination and relaxation and strength exercises in her class is a perfect balance for me and I leave feeling stronger and fitter.

Beatrix is not only our teacher but our friend and we are incredibly proud of her achievements in opening mytime Pilates – her very own studio at the Enterprise Centre in Penshurst. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to anyone and hope that people choose to find out for themselves just how special her classes are.

Kate Boswell

Thank you for taking me on with a badly herniated disc case unable to practice golf, tennis or even walk with a straight back. I had tried Physio’ and osteo’ over a 6 months period leading to small improvements in mobility but continued sciatic nerve  impingement and no question of sport or  even walking up a gradient. I had not considered Pilates. My daughter Alexa had ‘greatly strengthened her core’ through classes with you and suggested I should try that. I had not even heard about this discipline but after only 4 weeks with you I was walking normally and after 8 weeks I was back on the golf course playing 18 holes and with more power  than before my crisis. I am a total convert to the ART of regular PILATES and a much calmer person but now OUR challenge is posture…..which is tough to change after 76 years. I know we can still improve. Thank you so much for giving me back my life and saving me from the dreaded knife.

Yours aye
Robert (76 years)

I really enjoy Beatrix’s pilates lessons. I’m in so much better shape since I started and my posture and back problems have really improved. Beatrix is very patient and explains everything so well. I would highly recommend her pilates sessions.

Claire Williamson

Bea is an amazing Pilates teacher, the best I’ve ever had! Small classes and specific attention to each individual client is the key to her success.

Sophie Perry, mum of 3 (38)

I have been having classes with Bea since she opened her Studio. Bea has an energy and a magnetism about her that draws us all in! I now do 2 classes a week but I’d do more if I could. Each and every class I have been to has been different, which keeps it fresh and new. Bea is very intuitive to her Clients’ needs, so can dial it up or down accordingly. I love that I can attend a session on a Tuesday where we focus on breathing and mindful movement, and then a class on Friday where we have loud music, choreography, lots of laughs with lots of groans thrown in too!! This varied timetable and content is key for me…whilst I never know exactly what we’ll be doing from one session to the next, I always know I’ll enjoy it. Thank you mytime!

Mel Thomas

I have enjoyed classes and smaller group sessions with three teachers at mytimepilates and would whole-heartedly recommend both the experience and the results.

Katya’s equipment classes are relaxed and enjoyable (despite the hard work) and leave one with the feeling of really having done something worthwhile! She will adapt exercises to focus on an individual’s needs, even when training a group and isn’t opposed to having a giggle! I have also enjoyed her matwork classes.

Sharon teaches her matwork classes in a wonderfully precise manner, she doesn’t lose sight of the importance of enjoyment, while maintaining a firm grounding in the basics and the breath, whether working at a beginners’ or more advanced level.

Beatrix, the inspiration behind mytime, manages a fabulous combination of professionalism, hilarity, adherence to key principles and working way outside of the box. She brings a vitality and an individuality to her studio that keeps us on our toes and keeps us coming back. She’s highly knowledgeable, has an immense thirst for further learning and development and all without losing her sense of fun.

Bea is keen to develop other teachers, is always looking to add new elements to the mytime experience and really invests in her studio, to keep things fresh, up-to-date, evidence based and fun.

The studio itself is a relaxed environment, with no mirrors, no pretence, no need to wear makeup or buy the best kit and a truly welcoming atmosphere. Newcomers feel like one of the family after a single session. Top marks.