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Welcome to mytime

The busy-ness of life can be a pleasure and a plight. We all want to lead enriching and full lives, but every so often we also need to stop. Breathe. Turn off the noise. Have some time to ourselves. Spent the right way, this ‘time out’ can enable us to recharge our batteries, and give us the mental and physical strength to go back to operating at full capacity.

An hour a week spent doing Pilates can really make a difference. The benefits of Pilates are numerous and are recognised across the globe, but to this already long list we’ve added one more attribute, quite simply, the benefit of some time out, just for you. We call this ‘my time’.

Our contemporary studio is set against a backdrop of rural Kent countryside, only 20 minutes from Tunbridge Wells. I believe it offers the perfect environment in which to restore physical and mental balance through my range of Pilates classes.

Please do get in touch, I would love to hear about your individual needs and see how best I can meet them.


Beatrix Ballach M.A. SpSc
Comprehensive Polestar Pilates Teacher

Restore. Revive. Regenerate.
mytime Pilates.