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Is water the key to a happy, healthier life?

Water – the elixir for life We all know we should be drinking more water, but why? Water accounts for two-thirds of our body weight, so it’s no surprise to hear that it is vital in maintaining several key bodily functions, including cognitive activity, the removal of toxins, and regulating body temperature. It might come […]


Contrology: the body, mind and spirit approach to movement

Most of us are familiar with the popular mind and body practice known as Pilates, even if we aren’t so familiar with its original name – Contrology. But what exactly are the origins of Contrology, and how did it evolve to become the one of the most popular physical fitness systems across the world today? […]


Women’s Health Part 2 – How to manage the menopause

Many clients tell us about their experiences during the menopause and so in this instalment of our women’s health series, we take a closer look into the symptoms and what we can do to overcome them. So what is the menopause, anyway? From the Greek word menos (month) and pausis (cease) – and informally known […]