The importance of staying hydrated.

Staying hydrated…

…is vitally important. Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly.

How much you should drink depends on various factors (age, gender, size, climate, exercise intensity) but the general rule is between 1.5 and 2 litres a day. You can easily tell if you’re not drinking enough simply by taking a quick peek at your pee…



On a day to day basis, water is essential for:

  • transporting nutrients and oxygen around your body
  • getting rid of waste products
  • controlling your temperature
  • keeping your joints lubricated so they act efficiently as shock absorbers


It’s also really important to drink before, during and after exercise. If you’re dehydrated before you start exercising your heart will have to work harder than usual. Drinking during exercise is important because your muscle cells are almost three-quarters water so if you’re short on fluid, you’ll feel the strain. Finally, drinking after exercise will restore your fluid levels and help your muscles to recover. The sooner you start to replace the fluid, the sooner you’ll recover.


So, tuck into our flavored water in the studio, this week we have pineapple and mint.