Instructor Videos

During these difficult times when we are unable to be together in our studios we thought we would create some pilates videos that you can follow along to at home. We will be adding our online pilates timetable to the site soon so why not book an online class with us.

Bea – Teaching a 10 mins session.

Sharon – A short abdominal sequence incorporating some of our classic repertoire.

Sharon – A short sequence including some supine core and weight-bearing exercises.

Katya – A short sequence in standing to support posture, balance and leg alignment

Katya – This session uses a home weight (hand weight or filled water bottle). Working in standing this sequence builds strength and mobility in the shoulders and back and aids posture and alignment in the lower extremity.

Katya – Following on from the weights sequence, this session works with weight bearing and co-ordination and brings some challenge to the abdominal muscles to support a healthy back.