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Pilates Equipment Part Two: The Trapeze and the Chair

Last month, we talked out about one of our core machines at mytime – the reformer. But there are two other pieces of equipment that are integral to our Pilates sessions: the trapeze table and the chair. Whereas the reformer is ostensibly a bed, the trapeze table and the chair offer slightly different frameworks which […]


Women’s Health Part 2 – How to manage the menopause

Many clients tell us about their experiences during the menopause and so in this instalment of our women’s health series, we take a closer look into the symptoms and what we can do to overcome them. So what is the menopause, anyway? From the Greek word menos (month) and pausis (cease) – and informally known […]


Massage and Pilates: a match made in heaven

As if January wasn’t busy enough with the arrival of our latest instructor, Jon, and the launch of our new eco-friendly clothing range; this month we have yet more exciting news! Mytime Pilates will be adding massage into the mix as we welcome Kent’s leading holistic physiotherapist, Karen Cain, to the team. Based upstairs in […]